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Want to build your companies personality? Aiming to become a brand that attracts many followers? Want to just stand out from the crowd? Then it’s high time you get a custom logo design created by a professional company.

At go6 media, it’s our job to create an attractive and sustainable corporate identity.

Creating the perfect logo

The purpose of a corporate identity is to project a particular image for a company to the minds of that company’s customers, investors and employees.

go6 media really understand branding, which enables us to create corporate identities for businesses that completely show off what you do and your professional services.

who do you think you are?

Every successful business tends to have a strong and eye catching image; just think of abig yellow ‘M’ logo associated with fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s and the iconic symbol of a partly-eaten apple that forms part of the identity of computer firm Apple.

go6 media are here to create the idea logo design for your company, get in touch with us today.

Our logo design process

  • Tell us your identity needs

    Fill in our online logo design brief form, and choose a logo style

  • Review all our proposed designs

    Based on your feedback we will provide multiple designs to choose from

  • Pick your favourite design

    Chose some and we'll adapt your selected design untill it's perfect

  • Promotion and exposure

    Once compelte it's time to get your brand out there with our marketing services

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Let us work our magic on your logo

Looking for a professional and fun to work with company who can establish your new brand? Look no further, go6 media have helped hundreds of companies, get in touch with us today.

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